Don’t Miss Twice

Last week, as I was recovering from knee surgery, I had a momentary lapse (totally on me, I had long since ran out of Hydrocodone), and I forgot to write my usual Friday Flex blog. It was a classic example of how life’s curveballs can throw even the most dedicated of us off track. I didn’t even realize it til the weekend and after a classic Homer Simpson head slap/D’OH! I committed to making this weeks blog priority #1 for the coming week. This principle has a few different name, but I like to call it “Don’t Miss Twice.”

James Clear, the genius behind Atomic Habits, calls it “The Second Mistake.” Clear makes the crucial point that we often fall into the trap of thinking that sticking to good habits is an all-or-nothing game. I’ve been there, and you’ve probably been there too. We slip up on our diets, miss a day of writing, or lose our motivation to work out, and suddenly, it feels like the world is collapsing around us.

But here’s the truth: habits are about consistency, not perfection. It’s okay to make individual mistakes. Missing a single day, whether it’s your workout, your writing, or your diet, doesn’t spell doom for your long-term success. It’s the second mistake that matters.

A study in the European Journal of Social Psychology confirms this. Missing a day of your habit doesn’t matter as long as you find a way to get back on track. Top performers in all fields make mistakes too. They’re human, just like us. Athletes skip workouts, CEOs forget to meditate, and nutritionists indulge in unhealthy meals. What sets them apart? Consistency, not perfection.

One mistake is an outlier; two mistakes create a pattern. It’s essential to stop that pattern before it snowballs. This is where “Don’t Miss Twice” becomes a game-changer in building good habits.

So, how do we get back on track and avoid repeated mistakes? Clear offers some invaluable strategies:

  1. Put your energy into starting the good behavior. Don’t stress about making up for a missed day. Focus on getting back into the groove. Use the 2-Minute Rule to kickstart your habits effortlessly.
  2. Set a schedule for your habits. Take motivation out of the equation by establishing a routine. A schedule eliminates the need to wonder when you’ll be motivated to act.
  3. Identify and eliminate distractions. Understand what took you off course when you missed your habit. No need to judge; just examine your day objectively. Remove distractions whenever possible. Improve by subtracting.

James also has a full list of 7 strategies on how to get back on track in his article, and I highly recommend checking it out.

Now, here’s the kicker. At Lumos Fitness Collective, we don’t just teach you about the perfect squat or the ideal meal plan. We’re all about building a community that understands the power of “Don’t Miss Twice.” We’re here to help you recover from those occasional misses and prevent them from becoming patterns.

Our mission is to take some of the mental and emotional load of consistency and accountability off your shoulders. Just as Clear emphasizes, it’s not about perfection; it’s about consistent progress.

Have you experienced the magic of “Don’t Miss Twice” in your life? Share your stories and insights in the comments below. Let’s keep the conversation going, and together, we’ll light up the path to unwavering consistency. Until next time, stay motivated, stay consistent, and keep shining bright. 🌟💪