The Lumos Fitness Collective Story


Our coaches

Noah Abbott coach at Lumos Fitness Collective

Noah Abbott

Hometown: Montclair, NJ
Specialty: Weird movements done slowly, prehab & rehab

Jon Fazio coach at Lumos Fitness Collective

Jon Fazio

Hometown: Wantagh, NY
Specialty: Levitating barbells, booming voice

Jessi Roesch coach at Lumos Fitness Collective

Jessi Roesch

Hometown: Cincinnati, OH
Specialty: Overhead mobility, incisive Questions of the Day

Robin Patrawala coach at Lumos Fitness Collective

Robin Patrawala

Hometown: Farmington Hills, MI
Specialty: Saying “spicy,” creating healthy habits

Rio Tomlin coach at Lumos Fitness Collective

Rio Tomlin

Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Specialty: Crop tops, enthusiasm for others’ PRs

Madison Clark

Hometown: Laredo, TX
Specialty: Strange warmup games, bringing people together

Jordan Clark coach at Lumos Fitness Collective

Jordan Clark

Hometown: Houston, TX
Specialty: Having springs for legs, chasing a toddler

Rob Leeder

Hometown: Down Under, Australia
Specialty: Hanging from things, making it all look easy

Nick Mirabile

Hometown: Chicago, IL
Specialty: Using questions as a teaching tool, respecting the tempo

Lauren Baker

Lauren Baker Hometown: Austin, TX
Specialty: Having an undying engine, making fun of Jon

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