Harnessing Deep Health: Finding Your True Gym Motivation

We all hit the gym for different reasons. Some are chasing aesthetics, others strength, and many are just looking for a boost in mental health. Understanding our underlying motivation can drastically improve our fitness journey. That’s where the concept of Deep Health by Precision Nutrition comes into play.

The concept of Deep Health revolves around six foundational pillars of health, each of which people cultivate and connect with at different levels at different times of their life:

  • Physical: This isn’t just about muscle size or cardiovascular endurance; it’s about feeling good in your body and being capable in everyday life.
  • Emotional: How you manage and express your feelings, both inside and outside the gym.
  • Mental: This pertains to your cognitive functions, like focus, clarity, and the ability to manage the challenges life throws at you.
  • Existential: Finding a sense of purpose and understanding your personal “why” in the larger scheme of things.
  • Relational: How you connect with others, whether it’s gym buddies, family, or the broader community.
  • Environmental: This is about your surroundings, the physical spaces you occupy, and your relationship with nature.

Think about what truly drives you to the gym. Is it the emotional high of conquering a workout? The mental clarity after a sweat session? Or perhaps it’s the existential purpose you find in pushing your limits- and what that says about the type of person you are. By identifying and recognizing your strongest Deep Health factor, you can tap into that intrinsic motivation and ensure consistency in your fitness routine. By aligning your goals and approach to more deeply serve your “biggest pillar” you will likely enjoy your experience more, and see more progress as a result.

While leaning into your strengths is crucial, it’s also beneficial to nurture other facets of our health-sphere. Let’s say you’re a relational junkie, and you love the camaraderie of group classes. Maybe it’s time to also appreciate the environmental aspect of your health. This could mean exploring outdoor workouts or appreciating how your gym’s atmosphere contributes to your well-being.

Just as important as understanding what motivates you is recognizing what doesn’t. Perhaps the existential pillar doesn’t resonate with you, and that’s okay. By identifying the aspects of Deep Health that matter least, you can streamline your focus and energy towards what truly drives you.

Health isn’t just about physical appearance or strength; it’s a deeply personal and intricate tapestry of motivations and feelings. By understanding the pillars of Deep Health and harnessing them effectively, you can revolutionize your approach to fitness. At Lumos Fitness Collective, we’re not just about the grind; we’re about ensuring your grind resonates deeply with your true motivation. Ready to dive deep? Let’s embark on this holistic journey together. 🌟💪🧠