What To Do Before Your First Competition

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Tomorrow is Small But Mighty, our annual in-house, members only, ultra-VIP, super exclusive competition. For some of you this may be your first taste of a fitness competition, and you may be thinking about what you can do to give yourself that edge to ensure that your name ends up on our super cool, custom built trophy.Some relatively obvious things you can do to make sure tomorrow goes well- take a rest day today OR if you know your body feels better with some movement, move with lower intensity, stretch, or just go on a long walk. Don’t overdue it! Don’t go out partying, get good sleep, hydrate before you get to the gym- you know, all the old stuff your mom woulda told you. You can lay out your clothes the night before if you want, or journal, or look deeply into the mirror and mouth silent affirmations to yourself, you do you, boo.Here’s something a little less obvious. Don’t treat the competition as your chance to try something new! If this is your first comp, that’s more than enough novelty for one day. Don’t try a new supplement (especially preworkout, you lil crackheads), don’t eat some super-secret meal you saw on TikTok, don’t wear a new pair of shorts, don’t mess with what works! It’s natural to feel a little nervous and to respond to those nerves with trying something outside of the norm, but trust me, the best thing you can do is feel comfortable, relaxed, and normal. Part of the reason we run Small But Mighty is to give people a taste of competition in as comfortable and consistent an environment as possible. Don’t mess with that vibe and try and re-engineer your personal fitness wheel- just keep things relaxed and as normal as possible, and you’ll do great.