Is the Texas Heat Killing Your Gains?

Hey sweaty people 🙂

I recently saw an article from Texas Monthly that dives into how heat can play spoilsport when it comes to our health and fitness. The article explores the impact of intense heatwaves on Texans and brings up a vital point – a lot of us tend to cut back on outdoor activities, including exercise, due to the scorching temperatures. And this shift isn’t just because of discomfort; the research indicates that prolonged exposure to high temperature can psychologically de-incentivize exercise!

That’s not set in stone. Here’s some cool news (pun intended)! Despite the roasting Texas sun, this summer has been the busiest at Lumos Fitness Collective, with the least number of drop-offs ever. So, what’s our secret? How do we keep our members smashing their goals while other people are throwing in the (sweaty) towel?

Here are my main three reasons people fall out of a fitness routine and how we keep things LIT at Lumos:

  1. Your workouts are boring!
    • Doing the same exercise routine day in and day out can be tedious. The gym starts to feel more like doing your homework, a chore, or something that needs checking off the list. At Lumos, monotony is not on the menu. Every day is a fresh challenge loaded with new, exciting movements to keep you on your toes. Further, we make everything into little games, races, or competitions to keep things feeling fun, exciting, and rewarding.
  2. You aren’t training with a purpose.
    • Purpose drives passion. You don’t have to be aiming for an Olympic gold, but having a reason to work out can fuel your dedication. It could be anything – from wanting to do your first pull-up to carrying your pack unassisted for a weekend hiking trip. Those little blips of evidence that what we’re doing is working fills up our tank of motivation so that it never runs out!
  3. You are going it alone.
    • If you are an adult in the 21st century, you already have tons of responsibilities, things to remember, and channels competing for your attention. To add another- finding a gym, designing and sticking to a workout program, managing your nutrition- that’s a LOT to ask. Maybe you need to offload some of that burden, and that’s what we’re here for! Whether it’s the fun and camaraderie in our group classes, an individual program written specifically for you, or ever better, personal training sessions, we clear your plate of the “mental lifting,” turn the accountability up to 10, and keep checking in to make sure you have the support you need.

Yes, the Texas heat can be brutal, but it’s no match for the spirit at Lumos. Whether it’s the varied workouts, training with intent, or the fantastic community and support, there’s always a reason to stay committed. So, don’t let the sun get you down. Step into Lumos, and let’s keep those gains coming! 💪🌞