Rethinking Scaling at Lumos Fitness Collective

Hey there, Lumos family! Today, I’m here to chat about an exciting shift we’re making at our gym. We’re saying goodbye to gendered language in workout scaling and embracing a more inclusive, tailored approach. Why the change, you ask? Let’s dive in.

Understanding Gendered Standards in CrossFit

Way back, as the primordial mists swirled about the earth, CrossFit implemented gendered standards in its workout scaling. This means there are different expectations and weights for male and female athletes. Originally, this was intended to acknowledge physiological differences typically seen between men and women, specifically in competitive scenarios. Because early CrossFit embraced the “compete everyday” mindset, this made (some) sense- it was important for folks to be able to compare their scores against their peers.

The Reality for Most Gymgoers

But here’s the thing: most of us at Lumos aren’t training for the CrossFit Games. We’re here to get fitter, stronger, and feel better in our own skin. The “compete everyday” mindset has been proven to generally be misguided for both competitive and “everyday” athletes- rest, recovery, skill practice, and other components of athletic development are impossible if we are always focused on “winning the workout.” Just as importantly, those binary gradations miss a lot of nuance- our bodies are unique, and so are our fitness journeys. Sticking to gendered norms can sometimes be more limiting than empowering.

Inclusivity Matters

More importantly, gendered language in fitness can inadvertently exclude or misrepresent a significant part of our community. It doesn’t consider the experiences of non-binary or transgender individuals. It sets up scenarios where people feel “less than” for doing a weight, scale, or skill that is appropriate for their fitness level and/or creating false expectations about what someone should do based not on their current physical reality or fitness background, but simple biological predeterminism. At Lumos, we’re all about creating a space where everyone feels welcomed and represented, and where our fitness offerings reflect the human experience: broad, varied, and unique.

Introducing Our Three-Level Scaling System

So, what’s the game plan moving forward? We’re excited to introduce a three-level scaling system at Lumos. This approach is all about choice and adaptability:

  1. Pillars: Perfect for those who are new to fitness or returning after a break. This level focuses on building fundamental strength and skills, with a priority on technique.
  2. Progress: For our gym-goers who have nailed the basics and are looking to up the ante. This level ups the intensity and complexity slightly, pushing you towards new personal bests.
  3. Peak: Aimed at those who have considerable experience and are looking to really challenge themselves. This level includes more advanced movements and heavier weights.

The beauty of this system? You’re not boxed into one category. Feel like going heavy on deadlifts but need to work on your pull-up technique? Mix and match from different levels to create a workout that challenges you where you need it most.

For example, take a classic CrossFit Benchmark:

5 Rounds for Time:
Run 400M
30 Box Jumps (24″ Male/20″ Female)
30 Wallballs (20# Male/16# Female)

Under our new scaling standards, it would look like this:

5 Rounds for Time:
Run 400M
30 Box Jumps (24″ Peak/20″ Progress/16″ Pillars)
30 Wallballs (20# Peak/16# Progress/10# Pillars)

What This Means For You

This change is all about empowering our people. It’s about recognizing that fitness is a personal journey, not defined by one-size-fits-all standards. We’re excited to see how this new scaling system enhances your workouts and helps you smash those fitness goals.

And remember, our amazing coaching team is always here to guide you through this new scaling system. We’re committed to ensuring everyone at Lumos finds their right fit, right challenge, and, most importantly, right community.

As we embark on this new chapter, we’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences. Drop us a message or catch us during your next workout. Let’s keep the conversation going!

Here’s to lifting each other up – in every sense of the word!

Strength and solidarity,
Owner, Lumos Fitness Collective