What To Do When You Get to the Gym Early (Besides Admiring Your Own Punctuality)

Alright, Lumos fam, let’s address the (sweaty) elephant in the room. Some of you, on the rare blue moon, actually arrive at the gym… early. Gasp! I know, right? It’s like spotting a unicorn or someone actually born and raised in Austin (are those the same thing?) It’s a sight so beautiful that our coaches might even shed a tear of joy. All jokes aside, arriving early is not just commendable; it can be the start of a fantastic practice.

The Usual Scenario

For most early birds, what happens after this punctual miracle? They stand around the gym’s entrance, scrolling through the endless fantasy realm of their smartphones. And let’s be real, it’s the same thing most of us are doing during the other 14-20 hours we’re awake. But isn’t the gym supposed to be that sacred space away from screen addiction?

Make the Most of Those Precious Minutes

So, you’re at Lumos Fitness Collective, a tad ahead of schedule. Here’s how you can make those extra minutes count:

  1. Tissue and Joint Prep: Your body is about to embark on a workout adventure. Why not give it a little warm-up love? If some parts of your body are shouting (or even whispering) that they aren’t at their 100%, tend to them. Limber up and make sure you’re prepped and ready for action.
  2. Skill Sharpening: Ever envied those in the gym effortlessly pulling off double unders or holding that handstand like they’re defying gravity for fun? Now’s your chance to practice and become one of them. Remember, every expert was once a beginner who decided to start.
  3. Quick Strength Progression: It’s a simple formula – you have a body, and you have a few minutes. Marry them with some foundational strength exercises like pull-ups, push-ups, or whatever your heart and muscles desire. (And space allows, obvi!)

The Bigger Picture

Our ongoing Simple Strength gymnastics cycle isn’t just about flexing those gymnastic muscles. The bigger goal is to instill a habit. A habit where you begin your day with a sprinkle of easy, quick-setup, low-threshold gymnastic work. Imagine the gains if you made this a regular part of your life!

My hope is that as you fall in love with this format, even after we wrap up the cycle, those precious 10 minutes you have when you show up early to Lumos will be your golden window to this routine.

Punctuality at the gym doesn’t just earn you brownie points with the coaches (though it totally does). It’s a golden opportunity to fine-tune your skills, prep for your workout, and set the stage for a fantastic session. So the next time you find yourself at Lumos Fitness Collective with time to spare, remember: you’ve got more options than just your phone screen. Here’s to making every minute count! 🌟