“Wonderdrugs” vs. the Wonder of Being You

Hey team,

At Lumos Fitness Collective, we’ve dedicated ourselves to enhancing well-being through movement, lifestyle, and nutrition. Our approach is holistic, recognizing that true fitness isn’t just about how much weight you can lift or lose—it’s about what your body can *do*. As such, I wanted to take a second and talk about Ozempic and other semaglutide-based weight loss medications and my (admittedly non-medical-professional thoughts on them.

Focusing on What Your Body Can Do

Our primary goal at Lumos is to empower you to appreciate the incredible capabilities of your body. When you train with us, you’ll notice that our programs aren’t solely focused on weight loss or aesthetic improvements. Instead, we aim to enhance your endurance, agility, strength, and overall fitness. This approach naturally shifts the focus from how you look to what you can accomplish.

Building Lifelong Habits, Not Quick Fixes

Weight loss medications like Ozempic offer a quick way to see numbers drop on the scale. However, what happens when you stop taking the medication? Studies indicate that individuals who discontinue such medications often regain the weight they’ve lost. Our approach, on the other hand, emphasizes the development of lifelong habits in nutrition and exercise. We want you to make long-term changes that will last a lifetime, not just a few months or years.

Fueling Your Body the Right Way

A surprising aspect many clients discover when they start a program with us is that they often need to eat *more*, not less. Exercise increases your body’s caloric needs, requiring proper nutrition to fuel your muscles and speed up recovery. Eating less while stepping up your workout routine can be dangerous, leading to nutrient deficiencies and impairing your ability to perform physical activities.

When Is Ozempic Appropriate?

While we emphasize natural approaches to achieving fitness goals, we do understand that weight loss medications like Ozempic can be beneficial, particularly for individuals dealing with weight-related co-morbidities like Type 2 diabetes or cardiovascular issues. In these cases, medications are often part of a broader medical strategy to manage these conditions. However, for those who are primarily interested in improving their appearance or fitness level, there are more natural and sustainable ways to achieve those goals.

Our Commitment to Your Well-Being

At Lumos Fitness Collective, we are committed to your holistic well-being. We believe in a multifaceted approach that involves training, nutrition, and lifestyle modifications as the best path to sustainable fitness. Medications may offer temporary fixes, but they cannot replace the fundamentals: a balanced diet, regular exercise, and a healthy lifestyle.

By joining us, you are not just becoming a part of a gym; you are joining a collective of people who believe in the power of human potential. And we believe that this potential is best unlocked through natural, sustainable practices—not through reliance on medications.

It’s important for all of us to remember- we are enough. It’s important to me that Lumos is a space where we can simultaneously foster acceptance, gratitude, and pride in our bodies as they are right now, while also working hard to improve, explore, and grow. Any solution that is rooted in a negation of self needs to be approached with the utmost care and healthy skepticism.

Thank you for choosing Lumos Fitness Collective as your partner in this journey toward holistic well-being. Together, let’s focus on the incredible things your body can do.

Disclaimer: The information presented here is for educational purposes and is not a substitute for professional medical advice. Always consult your healthcare provider before making changes to your medication or healthcare routine.