Why Does Your Gym Have A [Insert Activity/Group/Club Here]

Why Does Your Gym Have A [Insert Activity/Group/Club Here]?

“Wait, did I just hear right? Your gym has a soccer team? And a book club?” Yes, it might sound like you’ve entered the Twilight Zone of fitness spaces, but nope – you’re just at Lumos Fitness Collective. Before you start imagining mid burpee book readings, let’s dive into why our gym is more than just a place to sweat.

The Lumos Lifestyle

Sure, you came here to feel the burn, work out those muscles, and get in shape. But at Lumos, we understand that there’s more to life than just reps and sets.

Have you ever thought of discussing historical fiction after a particularly grueling workout session? That’s what our book club is for! Or maybe you’d like to put your fitness to the test and lace up for some semi-competitive fun with our soccer, softball, or basketball teams? Then there’s the holiday spirit we uphold, from our spooooooky Halloween shenanigans to festive winter Holiday parties. Add in a sprinkle of charity workouts, gym socials, and other events and you’ll see that Lumos is all about that full-rounded experience.

Reason 1: Fascinating Folks Alert!

One thing we’ve observed is that those who are driven to work on their health and fitness are often interesting characters. They’re not just gym rats; they’re bookworms, sports enthusiasts, philanthropists, and party animals (in moderation, of course!). It’s like finding out Superman is also a master baker or Wonder Woman loves to waltz. Lumos provides an avenue for everyone to show their other superpowers outside of lifting weights.

Reason 2: More than Just a Gym Routine

By weaving ourselves more intricately into a community fabric, our visits to Lumos transform from just another tick on our to-do list to an integral part of our social calendar. It’s no longer about, “Ugh, I have to hit the gym.” It becomes, “I get to catch up with my book club after a workout!” Making Lumos a part of our broader social and emotional world ensures that fitness feels like a rich part of our larger lives, instead of a distraction from them.

Reason 3: Rediscovering ‘Third Spaces’

In today’s world, spaces beyond work and home where people can casually mingle, unwind, and form communities are dwindling. These ‘third spaces’ have historically been vital community hubs- think of old-timey pubs, coffee houses of the past, or, the postwar vibes of a local bowling league. The 21st century and specifically our post-pandemic world has only intensified this void in communal organization (for my supernerds, this is outlined in Robert Putnam’s seminal work, “Bowling Alone.”) Enter Lumos Fitness Collective. We’re not just trying to be a gym; we’re aspiring to be Austin’s (and why not, Texas’s and America’s) next favorite third space.


So, the next time someone raises an eyebrow and asks, “Why does your gym have a Halloween party?”, you’ll know what to tell them. Lumos Fitness Collective is more than just a place to work out; it’s a community, a third space, and a hub of exciting activities that cater to the multifaceted wonders that are our members. Fitness, after all, is not just about the body but the mind and soul too. See you at the next book club meeting… or soccer match… or party! Whatever tickles your fancy.