Vacay Fitness

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I’m on vacation this week, and as such, here’s some ideas about fitnessing on vacation.1. Go With The Flow: Unless you’re going on vacation for a month (if so, can I come?) you aren’t going to “lose your gains” on vacation, even if you don’t do anything. With that in mind, if it doesn’t make sense to get a workout in, don’t stress about it! You’re probably with other people, or somewhere remote, and if it doesn’t make sense for your group or your environment, maybe it’s best to just wait til you’re home, or do something chill- go on a jog, or a walk, and embrace that vacation mindset.2. Use What You Got- Maybe you don’t have access to a gym and barbells and all the other stuff you’re used to at a world class elite training facility like Lumos 🙂 That’s fine! Adapt to your environment, and use it as an opportunity to do something a little different than normal. My favorite is to incorporate swimming into my vacation workouts, since lots of vacations are at beaches, lakes, or somewhere with a pool. Today I did:20 Minute AMRAPSwim to the floating dock10 Pushups30 Squats10 PushupsSwim back to the other dock10 Lunges30 Situps10 LungesYup, no distance needed on the dock, just eyeball it.3. Give The Gift of Fitness- Vacations are a perfect time to get someone else moving and sweating in a new way, but it’s important to use a light touch. If you’ve been lazing about for a few days, eating good food, and maybe drinking a bit more than normal, ask your vacay-mates if they’d like to do a quick workout! Make sure to make it relatively easy and something where people can self-regulate. Tabatas or other “work for X amount of time, then rest” workouts are perfect- people can do as much or as little as they want. Who knows, maybe you’ll make a lifelong fitness convert! Bonus points if they join Lumos, of course ;)That’s it! I’m on vaction! I’m outta here! What are your vacation workout tips?