Vacation Vibes: Finding the Right Workout Balance While Holidaying

Hello, Lumos Fitness Collective fam!

Last week, I was away on vacation and found myself thinking about the age-old dilemma that us fitness fanatics often face: How should I work out while away from the happy confines of Lumos? So, I thought it would be a good idea to dive into this topic and give you my insights on different approaches to this vacation workout conundrum. Don’t worry I walked the walk to back up talking this talk, so stick around until the end to see what I chose.

Firstly, it’s essential to remember that it’s perfectly okay to use your vacation as a time to rest and recover. It’s a fantastic opportunity to let your body reset and recuperate, and believe me, your gains won’t just up and disappear because you take a week off! A brief break can even boost your desire and motivation to hit the ground running (or lifting) when you return to Lumos.

For those who can’t imagine a whole week without any physical activity, going with the flow and taking advantage of your surroundings can be a perfect compromise. Who said workouts should be limited to gym confines? Grab a dumbbell and get that beach workout in, or replace your usual 400m run with a refreshing lake swim. Mix it up with a trail run in the local nature reserves. These activities might be less strenuous than a regular week at Lumos, but that’s the point! This approach allows you to connect with your environment while keeping you active.

The thrill-seekers among us might fancy dropping into a local gym for a class or two while on vacation. It’s a fun way to explore the local fitness scene, experience different coaching styles (although, fair warning, none will quite match the fine musical taste, personal style, and aesthetic beauty of the Lumos coaches), and just enjoy a random workout. Keep in mind, the goal here is more about the fun and experience rather than rigorously sticking to a routine.

For the die-hards, you might consider sticking to your regular Lumos program while away. I’d only recommend this route if you’re training for a specific event or if consistency is super crucial for you. This option involves finding a local gym where you can continue your regular Lumos workouts during Open Gym hours. But bear in mind, this might not feel very vacation-like, and like I said before, a week off won’t disrupt your training that much.

So, what did I end up doing on my 7-day vacation? Well, I struck a balance. I dropped in at two different gyms for a change of scenery, but I also spent plenty of time exploring the great outdoors through hiking and mountain biking. Plus, let’s not forget the miles we racked up just wandering around, absorbing the local atmosphere.

I can honestly say, it felt fantastic. I kept active, explored, and connected with my environment in a meaningful way, while also meeting some fantastic fellow fitness enthusiasts in the gyms we visited (and got invited for a post-WOD plunge in the 37 degree Bow River…brrr.) Remember, a vacation is a break from the norm, so don’t be afraid to switch things up and do what feels right for you.

Stay active, stay happy, Lumos family!