Performance vs. Vitality: Crafting Inclusive Group Fitness Classes for Optimal Results

At Lumos Fitness Collective we believe that group fitness classes should cater to the diverse needs and goals of our members. In this article, we’ll explore how we have designed our classes to be appropriate for 99.9% of individuals seeking an engaging and effective workout. Let’s delve into the Performance and Vitality tracks, and discover how we address the limitations of traditional group fitness models.

Limitations of the “classic CrossFit” group class model:
While scaling movements and repetitions can make workouts a little more accessible, the fundamental “intention” of the workout often remains the same. This can pose a challenge for individuals with varying fitness levels, goals, and movement capacities. The relentless pursuit of intensity and high-skill movements can be intimidating and discouraging for many participants. We have found that sometimes it makes sense to scale the underlying intention of the workout itself, and over time have figured out a way to do just that:

At Lumos, we have developed two distinct tracks—Performance and Vitality—to address the limitations of traditional group fitness models. We have carefully crafted these tracks to ensure that participants can customize their training experience without compromising their goals or feeling overwhelmed.

“Performance” Track:
The Performance Track caters to individuals seeking a high-intensity workout experience. We focus on exercises that involve complex movements, such as Olympic lifts and muscle-ups, performed at elevated intensities. This track is designed for those who enjoy challenging themselves physically and mentally, pushing the boundaries of their capabilities, and pursuing a competitive fitness approach.

“Vitality” Track:
For individuals who prefer a more approachable yet effective workout, the Vitality Track offers a diverse range of exercises. We emphasize lower skill movements that can be performed with varying intensity, across multiple planes of movement, and often incorporate unilateral (single arm/leg) variations. This track is ideal for those seeking a well-rounded fitness routine that prioritizes movement quality, balance, and longevity.

(Note: the Vitality track is not just a watered down version of the Performance track, with easier movements- it’s often totally different movements, rep schemes, rest/work intervals, etc.)

Mix and match for a full cycle or a single day:
What sets Lumos apart is that both tracks mirror each other, allowing participants to mix and match according to their preferences or specific goals. Whether you choose to follow one track exclusively or alternate between them, you’ll find that our classes foster an inclusive environment. Picture a class where some individuals are tackling high-skill movements with intensity, while others focus on honing their movement patterns and exploring different planes of motion. This unique blend ensures that everyone can interact, motivate one another, and experience the benefits of a shared fitness journey.

At Lumos Fitness Collective, our commitment is to provide inclusive group fitness classes that accommodate the diverse needs of our members. By offering the Performance and Vitality tracks, we address the limitations of traditional models and empower individuals to find their ideal training approach. Whether you thrive on the intensity and challenge of high-skill movements or prefer a more varied and accessible workout, Lumos has you covered. Join us on this journey, where your fitness goals and aspirations can thrive, supported by expert guidance, a supportive community, and a personalized approach to exercise. Together, let’s illuminate the path to optimal performance and vitality.