I Went Off The Rails!

lumos 04162021 6

So, I went on vacation, and despite myself telling myself, “self, you need to write a blog post every day,” well, I didn’t. My best laid plans, officially off the rails.(I also managed to squeeze in one workout all week, a row and power snatch fiasco that was the meat in a sandwich of lazing about and eating and drinking everything in sight. So, off the rails x2.)I bring this up not for sympathy, but to draw a parallel to missing time at the gym. Often, we miss a few days at the gym- maybe our schedule gets crazy, or we go on vacation, or we’re dealing with a little bump or bruise that’s taking up more mental real estate than it should. That’s fine! It happens. So what to do about it? How do we get back on track?This isn’t the most eloquent, groundbreaking, or pithy advice ever, but the most important thing is to JUST GO IN. Don’t wait for the perfect “ease back into it” workout to be programmed, don’t worry about feeling slow or stiff, tune out all of the little things that can get in your way and just go! Or maybe that feels like too much! The geniuses at Precision Nutrition use a concept of “5 Minute Actions.” When you feel stuck, think of something really small, something that takes no more than 5 minutes, that would push things forward. And then do that. So maybe it’s “lay out my workout clothes for tomorrow” or “block off the time on my calendar” or something of that nature. It doesn’t have to be big, it doesn’t have to be complete, the important part is that it gets the ball rolling.For me, I just said to myself, “Self, open up the blog page on the website,” and that got me here. If I do it again tomorrow, I’m on a roll. One more day after that, and it’s a streak. Away we go.