Finding Your Perfect Pitch: Mastering Intensity and Precision at Lumos Fitness Collective

Hey, Lumos fam! Remember your second day of Foundations? We told you to start with a 60-70% effort level for the first few months. Think of it as the training wheels phase – you’re learning the ropes, getting the hang of movements, and building muscle memory. 

You all did great at this initial phase, cautiously exploring this new world of burpees, kettlebell swings, and wall balls. But what happens when the training wheels come off? After a few months, many of you may feel like you’re at a fitness crossroad: choosing between going all-out and risking poor form or focusing too much on perfect execution and not pushing hard enough. 

Enter: The Three Pitcher Analogy. Picture three baseball pitchers – Alex, Bo, and Chris.

On a hot summer day, they each throw five pitches under the watchful eye of their coach. Alex goes first, hurling each pitch with wild abandon. He’s fast, he’s intense, but his form is all over the place. Next up is Bo. He’s focused and controlled but still throwing hard. Finally, there’s Chris. Chris is all about perfection. His pitches go exactly where he wants them, but they are slow, and he doesn’t vary them at all.

Overlay their pitches on a strike zone, and you’ll see Alex is erratic, Bo is mostly on point, and Chris is ultra-consistent but lacks power. 

So who’s the ideal athlete here? Bo. He takes his refined technique and pushes it right to the edge, where he’s working hard but not losing control. Alex is all intensity and no precision, while Chris is too focused on perfection to push his limits. 

This is what we call Threshold Training at Lumos. It’s about finding the sweet spot between precision and intensity. Go too far in either direction, and you’ll hinder your progress. 

If you’re an ‘Alex’, you need to dial it back a bit. Slow down, focus on your form, and gradually increase your intensity. If you’re a ‘Chris’, it’s time to step out of your comfort zone. Strive for perfection during practice, but when it’s game time, don’t be afraid to push a little harder.

Remember, different training modalities require different intensities and techniques. There’s a time and place for ‘Alex’, ‘Bo’, and ‘Chris’. 

‘Alex’ mode (100% intensity, technique be damned) might be appropriate when there’s a significant prize at stake. ‘Bo’ mode (90% intensity, 90% perfect technique) is great for benchmark WODs, competitions, or any WOD you’re super comfortable with. ‘Chris’ mode (sub-maximal intensity, 100% perfect technique) is ideal for warm-ups, skill practice, or new movements. 

Alright, we’ve had enough sports analogies for today! Remember, train smart, train hard, and don’t be afraid to push the boundaries of your comfort zone. Keep shining, Lumos family!