Build Back Better

Hey Lumos Family,

Today, we’re chatting about an unexpected but inevitable part of any fitness journey – injuries and life getting in the way of your gym time. Let’s face it, these setbacks are frustrating. Whether it’s an accident, slow wear and tear, or life deciding to gobble up all your time, these roadblocks can bring your momentum to a halt. But here’s the thing – they don’t have to.

One of my mottos is “Build Back Better.” (I definitely think the politicians stole it from me, not the other way around.) When we Build Back Better we’re not just taking a break from the gym, we’re using our setbacks as an opportunity to change gears and come back stronger, even better than before.

So, how do we do this?

Step 1: Focus on a different component of your training. Got an arm injury? No worries, maybe it’s time to work on your leg strength. Life has you running from dawn to dusk? Sneak in a 20-minute interval session instead of your usual hour-long lifting session. The idea is to get really good at what you can do. Think of this as a surprise opportunity to expand your fitness repertoire.

Step 2: Use injuries as your body’s tutor. Let’s be real, nothing makes us more aware of our bodies than a nagging injury. So, let’s use that awareness to our advantage. Pay attention to how you move, what feels good, and what doesn’t. Use this time to build a deeper connection with your body. Trust us, this newfound understanding will be your secret weapon, even when you’re all healed up.

Step 3: Embrace being a beginner again. Life, like fitness, is cyclical. We like to say, “you don’t own your fitness, you just rent it.” I think about it like you’re moving into a new apartment – yes, it’s annoying and daunting, but it’s also a chance for a fresh start. Rearranging the furniture, painting the walls a bold color- you’ve got a blank slate – take advantage of it!

See, setbacks don’t have to derail you. By following these steps, you can tackle any curveball life or the gym throws at you. You’ll not only get back to where you were but potentially end up even stronger, better.

Because that’s the essence of “build back better” – using every bump in the road as an opportunity to evolve and become a more well-rounded athlete, and hey, a more resilient person in general.

Stay strong, Lumos crew. Remember, every setback is a setup for a comeback. Keep pushing, keep adapting, and most importantly, keep building back better!