2 Ways To Think About Training: Hustle or Heal

Hey there, Lumos fam! We’re all about that good vibe energy at Lumos—the glow you get after an awe-inspiring session with awesome people and extreeeeeemely good looking coaches. But let’s get real for a sec. Not every day is an Instagram highlight reel, filled with sweat and sheer athletic artistry. Sometimes you stumble into Lumos Fitness Collective dragging your feet, looking like a deflated soccer ball rather than a pumped-up athlete. But fret not! Our mission is for you to leave the gym feeling better than when you entered. Sounds simple, right? Let’s dive in.

Feeling 100%: How to Make It Count

Picture this: You swagger into Lumos Fitness Collective, feeling like a million bucks—or at least a crisp Benjamin. You’re on cloud nine and ready to seize the dumbbell and own the air bike. Fantastic! On days like these, you’ll want to take advantage of that peak state and aim for those challenging fitness milestones.

In this zenith of well-being, leaving the gym feeling better means you’ve not just shown up; you’ve outdone yourself. You sweat bullets, maybe even grunted a tad (hey, we don’t judge), and you saunter out, secure in the knowledge that you’ve edged closer to your fitness objectives. When you’re at this level, Lumos Fitness Collective becomes less of a gym and more of a playground for your aspirations.

Less Than 100%: Healing > Hustling

We’re all human, and adulting is its own kind of endurance sport. There are days you might feel like you’ve been steamrolled by life’s laundry list of responsibilities or maybe you’re sore from yesterday’s workout regimen. If you find yourself at Lumos Fitness Collective running on anything less than your optimal level, your mission is crystal clear: get yourself closer to feeling 100%.

Exercise is not just a platform for smashing personal records; it’s also a rejuvenating elixir for the soul—and yes, those weary muscles. Consider lightening your load for the day, focusing on activities that engage different muscles or are less strenuous. Our Vitality track at Lumos Fitness Collective is precisely designed for this, offering you the flexibility to dial the intensity up or down. No, it’s not slacking off; it’s called intelligent training. The objective isn’t to walk out in pieces; it’s to leave in peace and feeling better.

Remember, on days like this, your progress toward those long-term fitness goals goes on a short hiatus. Your priority becomes listening to your body and giving it what it requires, even if that translates to simple stretches or air squats as your day’s achievement.

Le Fin

At Lumos Fitness Collective, it’s not just about grinding it out; it’s about growing and improving. Whether you stride in feeling 100% or barely scrape by, our aim stays constant: leave the gym feeling better than when you entered. On the great days, that involves pushing boundaries and relishing the progress you make. On those other days, it’s about self-care and recalibrating your body and mind.

So, the next time you walk into Lumos Fitness Collective, ditch the question, “How much can I endure today?” Replace it with, “How can I leave here better than when I came in?” Because in the game of life—and fitness—’better’ is the trophy we’re all chasing.

Catch you at Lumos Fitness Collective, you wonderful fitness weirdos! 🌟